No one saves us but ourselves…

Self Realization“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” — Buddha

Things in life have to be done bit by bit. Nothing in life happens very quickly, it only appears so. The action of drawing back a bow and sending the arrow straight into its target takes only a part of a second, but it is actually a skill many years in making. So is also with life, with your life as well as mine. Everyone of us will have lots of accomplishments in life, for some of us list will be good enough to fill pages, but they are only a tiny part of the ultimate truth, the truth of self-realization.

The Nature, now or then, sooner or later, will put each one of us on a path which shall lead us to becoming what we are. We are God in ourselves, we are part of who created us. We can not do anything wishful, all is bound by the law of The Nature. And once we have started walking on our own path of spirituality in life, no particular spiritual technique is needed, neither a companion nor a teacher. We have to verify truth of ourselves by our own observations of the way things are. I have been wandering since some years trying to understand what do men really mean or become like when they call themselves as an enlightened soul. What is this all blah blah about reaching out to one’s subconscious mind. My mind has been contesting itself time and again to understand what is it to find God. How, where, when, what to do to find it are very discrepant questions in relation. I am more bothered about that even after working it out for myself, how do I know that what truth I find for myself is the right truth or not. It may happen that I find or start engrossing myself into something believing it to be my truth but it actually is not. The subject is tough…

“It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think yours is the only path.” — Paulo Coelho

Only recently did I comprehend the meaning of The Whole for myself. To walk on the path of self-realization is to establish our learning about ourselves to the extent The God knows about us. It is to see and understand glances of our existence as a story. Once we harness our subconscious mind, we would know what we had been, and what did we do to ourselves and others then. Who were those others, what did they do. It is to learn about our Karmas of more than the span of this life. It is to develop a vision to go beyond our current life and interpret psychic hints which universe helps us with in the form of pleasures and pain. It is to peek into self to know about our lives and our deaths. Imagine, being doing this. All will look so small. All will look only as if it is a mere happening. Only we can do it for ourselves, no one else can. No one else should try to too. We deal with it inside, in our own individual ways, and at our own suitable times on the timeline of our existence. To become a Buddha is not a monopoly of Buddha alone, any one of us can acquire the same provided we are willing to work hard for ourselves. As I feel the urge to take this path today, you may not. Your time may have come so much before me, or it may come after much waiting from now.

It is a kind of aim, which when once gets disillusioned in our mind, we can not rest till the goal is reached. All forces in the universe start leading to help us for a feat to self-awareness. And it appears that the whole universe, which was so far busy in making careers, raising families, enjoying friendships, dealing with suffering, is now actually doing what you have just started to do. The new task of exploring the mystery of being.

  • Do not expect anyone else to pick you up and make you cross this path.
  • Do not allow anyone to take the credit or penalties of your success or failure in this.
  • There is no one else who can enjoy our pleasures as much as we do, and there is no one else who can fight with our sufferings as much as we have to.

I shall pity those who are looking for a friend to be their companion on this path. And I shall pity those who are constantly claiming credits in others’ dealings with their truths. If a man thinks that some friend or teacher or elder shall help him passing this exam, he is wrong. If a man thinks that it is because of his/her support or guidance that the other men have achieved their state of awareness, he is even more harmfully wrong.

We may need to consider a guru, because when we start this exploration, we are still mired in habituated patterns of our living. Limited in perceptions formed by the world projected by these patterns, we do not and can not see things as they are. As this world is a rat race, with everyone trying to run over and rule over the other and not allowing the minds to be free, we may need a teacher, who stands outside the boundaries of this world to show us how to proceed. But the teacher can not take our pain away and give us any enlightenment. The teacher can not do the real homework of discovering the eternal truth, he can only guide, when needed.

So, let us get off these beaten tracks, and establish true morality in finding true path for ourselves and follow it fearlessly without someone else’s commands.

May we all live in peace.



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