Carrying a lighter bag in life

Letting Go“Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

It’s not about gaining some extra pounds here or there on our body, it’s about that extra mental and emotional weight we lug around ourselves and keep carrying it all through our lives like unnecessary bag of bricks, that weighs us so much down in our lives.

May be you are wondering – what’s the big deal about it? Every one have emotional discomforts in life, which go hand-in-hand with responsibilities. It’s a burden to bear, best to suck it up and keep moving on.

I used to think the same. Not anymore though.

If we keep carrying that extra weight all the time, we tell ourselves that it is part and parcel of life and nothing can be done about it. We slowly stop noticing the harmful effects of the same. We stop considering the bad shadow it is casting on our souls, and gradually making our life less joyful than what it was meant to be otherwise.

If you still not get what I am trying to say, have a look at children. In comparison to adults, they stand up straighter, walk a little more lighter and look a little more freer. They are bouncing with life all the time. The difference can be noticed from a mile away.

For some of us, these bricks can even become so much heavier that they start ruining our lives with broken relationships, unfulfilled dreams, regretful pasts, ungovernable thoughts, sleeplessness etc.

Let’s drop this unnecessary weight from our bags. Here is how:

1. Have courage to open the bag and take a good look at what’s in there.

What are these bricks actually? Our limiting beliefs, un-checked thoughts, painful memories, harmful habits, denied emotions.

Let’s take out everything in our bag and dump it all open on the floor. Spread out all the bricks so that we can see everything. Now, we can sort these bricks in piles, the stuff we still wish to trade in life and the stuff we wish to throw right away.

When I have a deep look into my bag, I came across some main piles like – ‘Habits-That-Do-Not-Nourish-Me’, ‘Painful-Memories’, ‘Burden-Of-Expectations’. My bad habits like watching television shows which do not nourish my soul, eating food which does not nourish my body and holding on to old thoughts which do not nourish my mind. I clearly know now that I need to get rid of these bad habits and lighten my bag with these heavy bricks. Then those painful memories of the past, broken friendships, betrayals, hurting sentences from loved ones, unfulfilled desires etc. and that loads of expectations from people around us sometimes take a toll on us.

Knowing what’s in there in there, itself lightens the load of it.

2. Let it go.

Let’s drop all the heaviness, at least for a while to feel lighter and freer and happiness and holier. ‘Not-Fair-That-My-Father-Is-So-Strict’, ‘My-Boss-Is-People-Unfriendly’, ‘How-Can-My-Own-Child-Do-This-To-Me’, ‘My-Job-Does-Not-Leave-Me-With-Time-For-Family’ etc. and etc. Our lives are full of such bricks.

But sooner or later, we HAVE TO let it go. It’s the tricky part of this whole thing. After all, we are humans and fail to control ourselves to a high degree. For there will be some such bricks, which have ‘too old to carry along now’ tag and we will be easily able to forgive and forget and let them go.  And there will be some bricks in our bag, and we acknowledge fully that we are weighed down by them, but for now, this much awareness is all what we are able to do. We can have faith in ourselves that some day, we will be fully able to leave these bricks and but that day is not today.

I believe that if we are able to do this much, we are doing a good job.

3. Remember that these bricks are not real.

All the bricks, we have been dealing with so far, are not real. These are a kind of imaginary bricks as they represent our thoughts. Thoughts… thoughts… and thoughts, they come and go, in our minds, like wax and wane, we feel consumed, bloated and they float out of our minds in the same way as they came in.

As our thinking or outlook towards life change – which always does with time – the weight of the bricks and the bag also change. When we grow spiritually, gain more insight about happenings, and become more aware, then we realize that those bricks were heavy but not dangerous. The bricks came into our bag because of some purpose and lessons designed for us by the divine, and when the lessons get marked as learnt, the bricks leave our bag.

May we be happy.



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