Diamonds are not forever

Diamond are not forever“I don’t need love, For what good will love do me?, Diamonds never lie to me, For when love’s gone, They’ll luster on” – Shirley Bassey Lyrics.

They say diamond is one of the most hardest known metal to man. Crash a car made of iron speeding at 400 miles per hour into a wall made of diamond, the wall shall come out fine. Place a brick of diamond under a thin sensitive utlra-voilet ray, the diamond will miraclessly disappear. It will just evaporate and leave behind no proof of its existence as if it was never ever there. Such is the nature of life contained within us. It is so strong that it can last for unimaginable years of senility, yet so fragile that one breath takes a leave and it’s all gone.

Today, most of us think themselves as diamonds; thanks to the exposure we get from early childhood popularly labelled as education and knowledge. There’s a lot of learning that makes its way into our system mutely from the external world only to get accumulated like a smelling garbage for a remarkable dotage. Each of us falsely conveys ourselves that “I am the best. I am better than the other.” and keep portraying it outside too. We all project ourselves as diamonds; there happens so much of shine that the world actually goes blind. The worse part is that we surmise ourselves as diamonds but others as brass. We think what we know, say or do is perhaps the finest of all what human race has ever known. He is wrong, she is wrong, this is wrong, that is wrong, they are wrong, the world is wrong but I am right. I am for sure right. There are lessons to be taught about almost everything: our right ways to talk, walk, drink, eat, sleep, study, wash and so much more. There are people who can even dictate the right and wrong ways to sleep. We are contained so much by ourselves that the right way to live gets lost in this deceitful perception of ourselves which we call as “I”. There is a thick coating of different types on our surface of existence, due of which we can not feel our pure self. This hampers the exchange of divinity between us and the Nature. Not-coming-from-my-own-experiences belief system eats one up and leaves us dangling between the right and the wrong in life. Our receptivity goes down and we gain less from the divine. What we always thought was a diamond, gets buried under a dense heap of dust.

One fine day, death finally arrives at our doorstep without any invitation, information or alarm. Huffffffffffff!! We get blown like that dust sitting on an old book on a room’s shelf. The sharp knife of obliteration cuts through our being making, carried-since-birth adamantine belonging to our diamonds, evaporate into an unknown extension from where happens no return. The transferance of dust does not propel the roof to fell down or leak with dirge. Consonantly, the world lives on; sun rises, birds chirp, dogs bark, plants grow, stomachs eat, money flows, people and god carry on with their plays.The diamond has evaporated, into the outdoors of present sphere of existence leaving behind a void to be filled by just another similar one.

What we sculpted as a diamond came out to be nothing more a “nothing”. Had we dissevered ourselves inwardly, there could have been “something” in our hands to be happy about. We need to connect to higher selves and spread out beyond the limited boundaries of our only-some-feet bodies for divine to even recognize us. The less we become “I”, more receptive we can become. The more we become “I”, less receptive we can be. So lets empty ourselves of our own “I”, in order to make some space for the Nature to flow in. Once the Nature moves in, it dances with joy making our lives move on blissful paths which we possibly can not fancy. If we wish to have sunlight in our homes, we need not do any hardships; just open the windows. All of us are diamonds; we need to cut ourselves in the most conscientious manner to achieve the phenomenon of total internal reflection. That’s what makes a diamond stronger and shinier; and that’s what can make a human being wised up to dwell out of the dark nights of his soul. Listen more than you can talk, contribute more than you can consume, forgive than you can faulter, work more than you are served and love more than own flesh and blood. Live only one life at a time; we will be able to cut only one diamond. Live it fully; only one one’s own terms and it shall be deemed available for others around by itself.

For when a diamond shines from real inside, it’s light falls on everyone around prolongating the realms of forever.